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Colombia Unlimited
Call as much as you want to any phone in Colombia
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30 days $6
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90 days $15
180 days $28
Global Unlimited 90 days
$25 /month
Call as much as you want to any phone in Colombia and 49 other countries.
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World Credits
Cheapest possible rates to call Colombia, 9.5¢/min.
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105 min $10
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Call Colombia at the cheapest rate

Call Colombia for as little as 2.9¢ per minute or $6 per month of unlimited calls. This is only possible with Rebtel because we don't require Internet! We can use landlines or mobile data to find the most stable call connection and quality for you and your loved ones—while saving you a lot more money.

So why Rebtel?

  • Premium quality calls
  • Cheapest possible rates
  • No hidden fees
  • No internet needed

How to call Colombia?

Here is how to call Colombia from anywhere in the world:

  1. Dial the international access code (usually 00 or +)
  2. Dial the Colombia calling code – 57
  3. Add the area code (1 digit for local or 3 digits for mobile)
  4. Finish with the local phone number
  5. Press "Call"

Call Colombia from the US with Rebtel

Here is how to call Colombia from the US using Rebtel:

  1. First, dial the US exit code (011)
  2. Add the country code for Colombia (57)
  3. Then, add the Colombian area code where you want to reach
  4. Finish with the local phone number
  5. Press "Call" and start chatting
*Pro tip: Save the number in your contacts with the country and area code to call with one click using the Rebtel App.

Calling rates to Colombia

When you call using World Credits you can expect to use these rates for different services in Colombia.

Please note that a flat rate applies for a Unlimited deal.

ServicePrice$10 gets you
Barranquilla, Bogota, Cali, Medellin2.9¢344 min
Bogota (dial code: 57185)4.5¢222 min
Other landline9.4¢106 min
Other mobile9.5¢105 min
Comcel, Movistar13.9¢71 min